Eagle Chemicals Group

Company Name: Eagle Chemicals Group
Geography: Egypt
Sector: Industrials & Manufacturing
Investment Type: Buyout
Year: 2014 Q3
Website: www.eagle-chemicals.com
Eagle Chemicals Group logo

In August 2014, 8 Miles acquired a 25.1% stake in Eagle Chemicals, a family owned business based in Egypt and operating in the industrial manufacturing sector. The Company was established in 1958 and is now the leading resin supplier to major paint companies in Egypt and one of the largest producers of resin and polymer products in Africa. It employs approximately 600 people.

Eagle Chemical's products include resins for lacquer, varnishes and plastics as well as resins for can coatings, road markings and food cans. The Company exports its products to more than 50 countries spanning Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.