Community water supply

Sandra, Yonatan, Miyaxo, ESG Team

Verde Beef

Obodan School build

Blue Skies

Community water supply

Awash Wine

Ambulance and on-site nurses

Beloxxi Industries

Community village improvements

Awash Wine

Our responsibility is to deliver improved environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes in the creation of market leading African companies. We do this by working closely with our portfolio companies and their stakeholders to create value through implementing sustainable business practices.

From the time of investing, we work with our portfolio companies to set expectations and agree ESG action plans. The journey from identifying and managing risks to value creation is a shared exercise we undertake with our portfolio companies.

E Environmental

Environmental performance improvements are a critical area of early value creation and risk management. These improvements deliver significant operational efficiencies and reduce exposure to regulatory and operational risks.

S Social

Social improvements encompass a wide range of activities, from good working conditions and better health and safety for employees, through to ensuring local communities are appropriately integrated and benefit from the growth of the company.

G Governance

Governance activities centre upon improving decision-making frameworks and control processes at all levels, including effective Board and Committee structures, to enhance transparency, decision-making and accountability.